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Whether simple or complex, large or small, solid or sponge, A & D Rubber can produce custom rubber parts and goods for any industry, in virtually any rubber compound and color. We can manufacture to your blue print specifications or one of our sales engineers can assist you in developing your custom molded product. We can also custom mix a material to meet your unique requirements.

We have injection, compression, and transfer presses from 12" x 14" x 34" up to 24" by 60" with pressure from 30 to 450 tons. All products are created to exacting specifications under strict quality controls. Nothing leaves our factory until it's been verified and certified by our Quality Department.

Compression molding is one of the primary methods used to mold rubber parts. It allows for close tolerances, higher molecular weights and complex constructions. Parts can often be created in one step, making this process one of the simplest and most effective ways to manufacture rubber goods.

Similar to injection molding, transfer molding creates products with greater detail and consistency and less cycling time than compression molding. With transfer molding, tolerances within 0.003" or less are possible.

Transfer molding is suited to handling silicones, fluorosilicones, nitrile, neoprene, EPDM, Viton® and Buna materials. With A & D's in-house expertise in metal-to-rubber bonded/insert molded parts and our selection of presses, we can mold simple to intricate connective boots, bellows, flanges, seals, and gaskets of the highest quality.


Injection molding is the most technologically advanced means of forming rubber products for high run, high volume parts with a low per part cost. Its automated processes and controlled speeds, pressures, and temperatures consistently and efficiently produce rubber products of the highest caliber.

A & D Rubber also offers Liquid Injected Molding (LIM), a process best suited for high volume production of silicone and fluorosilicone goods and parts.


Low pressure pour processing is goof for circular designs as well as pressure-tight vessels. These castings create a denser product without the higher tooling cost. This process is best suited to urethanes and RTV silicones.
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